If you're end-of-summer vacation plans include a private sailing tour, make sure you're ready for the full adventure. Private sailing tours are the perfect way to spend a few romantic nights on the ocean. One of the benefits of private sailing tour is that you won't have to deal with the crowded conditions that are often found on large cruise ships. Not only that, but you'll spend your time closer to the ocean, which means you'll be able to feel the mist on your face, and experience sea life up-close and personal, especially if a dolphin, or two, swim past the boat. Before you take off on your adventure though, here are a few things you shouldn't forget to do.

Bring Your Passport

If you're going to be visiting exotic ports-of-call during your private sailing tour, you'll want to bring your passport along. The last thing you want is to get stuck on the boat because you didn't bring your passport. This is important even if you're just sailing to Mexico for the weekend. You can't enter the ports on foot if you don't show a valid passport at your time of entry. Place it in a waterproof envelope, and pack it away in your overnight case before you leave home for your tour.

Pack Clothing for Weather Changes

The weather can be quite fickle when you're out on the ocean. It can be beautiful and sunny one moment, but turn dark and rainy the next. Make sure you're prepared for the weather changes by packing clothing for those unexpected conditions. For maximum comfort and protection, bring along a jacket, and a rain coat. If you don't have a rain coat, simply pick up a rain poncho in the sporting goods department before you leave on vacation.

Don't Forget Your Cell Phone

Even if you don't plan on using your cell phone while you're on your vacation, you'll still need to bring it with you. In an emergency situation, your cell phone can be used to locate you. This is particularly important if your sail boat encounters rough seas during your trip. This type of emergency usually doesn't happen, but it's better to be prepared just in case.

Plan for Motion Sickness

If you've never been out to sea before, you'll want to plan for motion sickness. The constant motion of the sail boat as it moves across the ocean can turn even the strongest of stomachs. You don't need to visit your doctor for a prescription. Simply stop by your local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of motion sickness medication.