Everyone loves a good vacation. If you're like most people, though, you understand that you can burn through a vacation budget in no time flat. If you're looking to save money so you have more to spend on the fun parts of vacation, look no further. Here are 4 tips for booking your getaway without ending up in the red.

1. Consider the Off Season 

Every destination has its own attractions. Some places are very busy in the winter, because of great cold weather activities, like skiing, or because they're a nice break from freezing weather. Others are most popular in the summer, for balmy days and beachfront views. New England is famous for its gorgeous fall colors, and many tourists book vacations for New York's Adirondack region in September or early October for this reason.

Just because an area's main attraction is during one time of the year doesn't mean that region has any less to offer during its off season. Vail, Colorado, for example, boasts a popular ski resort, and the busiest season for Vail is ski season. That means a steeper premium for accommodations. Booking a summer getaway there could save you a lot of money on your hotel while still giving you breathtaking views, lots of shopping, and fun summer activities.

2. Consider a Local Vacation

You know what your home town and surrounding areas have to offer in the form of entertainment, and chances are pretty good you haven't seen it all yet. You'll save loads on airfare, and it's much easier to find out what activities are available in the off seasons of nearby attractions than distant ones.

It's also possible to book a much cheaper, family-run hotel when you can take a day trip to your destination and physically see what is available. Many vacationers book their hotel accommodations online, and that can be limiting, since some small hotels don't come up on search engines, or don't have websites period. Being able to walk in to the hotel offers you the opportunity to find charming rooms at lower prices, and it also allows you to negotiate the cost of your room more than if you were to book online.

3. Book Your Accommodations Before You Take Time Off Work

If you set your days off in stone before booking your vacation, you may find that had you booked a few days earlier or later you could have paid much less for your hotel. The prices of many hotel rooms vary based on demand. Some days are busier than others, and weekend accommodations are usually more expensive, so planning to travel on weekends and stay in a hotel during the week may save you a lot of money on your hotel. The only way to know which days are less expensive is to call the hotel you're considering and ask them.

4. Try an Agritourism Vacation

Agritourism enterprises are springing up all over the country, and even in countries abroad. What makes these vacations so appealing is that they are often all-inclusive. You book a room at a quaint and charming farm, ranch or vineyard, and many times your meals and entertainment are automatically included. Activities available for agritourism guests may include:

  • Cooking classes
  • Gardening classes
  • Tours of farm operations, such as canning
  • Wine, cheese, or produce tasting
  • Hunting outfits
  • Guided tours of local wildlife
  • Photography workshops

When you consider the money you'll save on gas, for not having to drive to and from multiple attractions, and the fact that sometimes meals and entertainment are included in your relaxing stay, agritourism can be a great value.

Your ideal vacation doesn't have to be pipe dream. With a little legwork you can book a stay that will make your whole family happy. Click here for more about this topic and hotel booking.