Alaska is a vast state including so much natural land and unique elements like glaciers. While climbing through the glaciers would take days, you can enjoy the beauty of the glaciers from above when you take a glacier flightseeing tour. The tours will fly you directly over the giant glaciers and a paid ticket will guarantee your own window seat to enjoy all of the sights.

Along with seeing the glaciers, learn about some of the unique elements to be on the lookout for as part of the glacier tour.

1. Alaskan Wildlife 

The Alaskan landscape is full of a lot of wildlife you may fly right over while on your trip. Some of the bigger animals you may spot in the wild include moose, bears, and wolves. When you fly over high elevations like mountain peaks, you also have a strong chance to see some of the wild animals like goats and sheep.

The wildlife can give you some perspective on the animals that roam the land in Alaska and how each animal thrives in the icy areas. As you fly overhead, you have the opportunity to capture a lot of nice pictures or videos of the animals as they roam.

2. Filming Locations

The beauty of the Alaskan landscape has naturally drawn in a lot of filmmakers. Along with documentaries on the Alaskan wilderness and the formation of the glaciers, many fictional productions have been filmed in the area. For example, you may take a tour that flies over the Knik Glacier.

The large ice fields were used as backdrops for various productions, including the 1991 production of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The film features scenes on an ice planet where you can actors in and around the Knik Glacier. If you watch the film before the tour, then you will know which areas to look for.

Along with the Star Trek movie, smaller productions like music videos have also used the ice fields for the main location.

3. Lake Landing 

If you choose to take your tour in the summer months, then the trip you take will include a lake landing in the middle of the glaciers. A special seaplane can land right on the water and give you the opportunity to step out and take photos of the glaciers. The pit stop is an ideal way to extend your trip and see the glaciers a little more up close.

As you book your sightseeing tour, look at these elements and see what can make your trip so memorable and unique.