Scheduling a beach resort vacation with a company like Sands Resorts will set you up to relax. But will it really make you happy? The answer could be yes, if you open yourself up to new experiences. In fact, you can ensure you reach the pinnacle of happiness by experiencing all of the activities offered by the resort. Beachside resorts provide guests with a number of excursions options, ranging from dolphin swims and horseback rides to whale watching and dune driving. Read on to find out the benefits of participating in the available activities.  

Dolphin Swim

Many beach resorts offer dolphin swims in a designated tank or out in the wild. Either way, a professional will lead you through the experience with encouraging words. You may swim alongside the dolphin, lead it through tricks and even feed the creature fish by hand.

Spending time with dolphins is directly linked to a boost in mood and reduction of anxious feelings. Due to the popularity of this activity, make sure to schedule your dolphin swim early, perhaps right when booking your room, to avoid missing out.

Whale Watch

For an even more exciting marine experience, join a water tour to catch sight of whales popping out of the surface. You will likely see whales leaping out of the water or slapping their tails on the surface.

Schedule a daytime trip to soak in vitamin D from the sunlight, which will give you an extra boost of happiness. Just spending time in natural habitats, instead of deep in the busy city, can reduce anxiety and naturally improve your mood. Catching sight of the whales for the first time will bolster those feelings for lasting mood-elevating benefits.

Horseback Ride

If you prefer to keep both legs firmly on the ground, but still want to spend time with awe-inspiring animals, sign up for a horseback ride down the beach. Schedule your ride for the morning or evening hours to catch the sunrise or sunset to make the experience even more magical.

As you move across the sandy beach, you will likely feel an instant connection with your horse. Making a connection with this majestic animal, combined with spending time outdoors, could make your relaxed state of happiness last all night long. Many resorts keep an entire stable of horses on hand, so guests can repeat this experience several times during their stay.

Dune Drive

As you wander over the sandy beaches, you might catch sight of the nearby dunes. You can experience the dunes up close by renting a motorcycle or buggy from the resort. Riding fast over the dunes will get your heart pumping and remind you what it is like to really live on the edge.

Experiencing temporary discomfort by taking risks often increases feelings of happiness. The jump in self-esteem from completing the risky activity may further improve your happiness. Furthermore, each time your reflect on your accomplishments, those feel-good emotions will come rolling back in for a visit.

Finding Your Groove

As you move through the different activities, reflect on your mood during and after each experience. You may benefit from being one with nature, seeking adventure or sharing new experiences with friends, family or strangers. Bring those reflections back home to continue drawing authentic feelings of happiness into your life. In addition to making life richer, happiness can also protect you from health problems, like heart disease.

As you look back onto your beach resort trip, you will realize that you learned a lot about yourself during your time away from home. When you repeat the trip, you can seek out even more new experiences to continue building self-awareness that leads to better control over your happiness.