If you are planning your next vacation and are hoping to find a hotel room with a great lake view, it is important to remember that the presence of the view is just one part of your enjoyable time away from home. In order to get the best use out of the hotel stay, you may also want to see if patios or balconies are part of the package for the room you are reserving. In addition, while watching the lake is wonderful, being able to partake in water activities is even more so and inquiring about family-friendly events will be quite helpful. Whether you will just be staying in the area for a night or if it is for a week or more, asking the following questions is a good way to narrow down the possibilities to get the best use out of your time.

From Where In your Hotel Room Will You Be Able To See The Water?

While a hotel room with a lake view is always better than one with a view of the parking lot, dumpster or adjacent building, the best experience is likely to involve a clear and private view of the water. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get the most enjoyment out of a view if you can only see it when you are standing on your tippy-toes watching through a small window. 

Instead, you may find that opting for a hotel room that features a patio or balcony is the better choice. Alternatively, if you cannot find an affordable room that is available for the dates you need it, you may consider opting for a room that has sliding glass doors or large windows to give you the access to that lovely view.

Does The Hotel Offer or Know Of Any Family Or Child-friendly Water Activities?       

One challenge when traveling or vacationing with kids is often the fact that hotel rooms are rarely that fun for kids to enjoy. Since you undoubtedly want to make sure that all the members of your family are able to enjoy themselves, you might want to consider choosing a hotel that provides activities for everyone you are traveling with. The view of the water can be a good way to start and stop the day, with lake swimming at various depths, boating, fishing, etc. taking up the time between enjoying the views.

If your children are a bit young to enjoy those experiences or if you don't have enough time to spend much time on the water, you may want to ask if the hotel is affiliated with or aware of child-friendly activities that involve the water. For example, swimming lessons, drop-in day care programs, or babysitters who have arrangements with the hotel can allow adults to enjoy their activities that would be unsafe or inappropriate for children, while kids can enjoy their own plans in a safe environment.     

In conclusion, given the many different sizes and types of hotel rooms with a view that are often available, choosing the right one is not always easy. As a result, you should consider asking the above questions of any hotel that offers the great lake view that you want.