You enjoy wine, and you love tasting new labels and vintages. When you plan a vacation, you like to visit high-end restaurants with excellent wine lists and include stops at well-known wineries. Here are four ways to tour for wines that you shouldn't miss.

1. By Helicopter.

Helicopter wine tours can give you a literal bird's-eye view of the landscape where your favorite vineyards are located. Most helicopters will pick you and as many as three friends up from the nearest major city and transport you into the heart of the nearby wine country.

You are limited to visiting wineries that have sufficient areas for the helicopter to land, but more and more winery owners are installing helipads to allow safe landings near their tasting rooms.

Some tours span multiple days and can include stays at bed-and-breakfasts near wineries as well as other sightseeing options.

2. By Limousine.

If you're not up for flying from location to location, or you want to visit wineries where landing a helicopter isn't permitted, a limousine can provide a luxurious tour from vineyard to vineyard.

Limo tours, such as with Ambassador Limousine, can usually take more people than helicopters, so you'll be able to hire a limo for a more reasonable per-person price. Up to 12 people can fit comfortably in one limo. 

Some limo drivers for wine tours are, themselves, wine aficionados and can share information about the area's history, best-known brands and how climate contributes to grape growth. An added plus of renting a limo is that you can be picked up from your location and shuttled around without worrying about driving after drinking a glass or two of wine.

3. By Yacht.

Depending on your chosen region, you may be able to choose a luxury yacht tour to travel between wine tastings. Many vineyards are built on terraces near a larger river, and you can move from location to location on the water. 

Some yachts will also provide on-ship meals or sleeping accommodations, making your trip much more relaxed.

4. By Bicycle.

The rolling hills that are often home to vineyards can be delightful to bike through, if you're up for the physical challenge. Pack a picnic and pedal from winery to winery. Some wine tours that include bicycle options will drop you off and pick you up as you desire, as well as provide state-of-the-art bikes ready to go. 

Make sure if you're riding that you follow the rules of the road, including being sober enough to operate a bike safely.

Tasting wines can be a fun way to learn more about an area and spend time with friends or make new ones. Using a new mode of transportation to get between wineries can make your wine tour even more special and unforgettable.