When you first hear about going on a bourbon tour, you may assume it's an event that's all about drinking. Of course drinking is a big part of it. After all, this is a tour that focuses on an alcoholic beverage! However, bourbon tours are not all about drinking. If you're someone who doesn't drink or who only wants to drink a little, you can still enjoy a bourbon tour. Here are some other less drinking-oriented aspects you can expect.

The History of Bourbon Making

Bourbon making has a long, rich history in the Southern United States, and especially in Kentucky. It has been distilled here since the 1700s, and in the 1960s, bourbon was recognized as a distinctive product of the U.S. Bourbon making has fueled other industries. It has shaped towns, cities, communities, and cultures. As you visit various distilleries on your bourbon tour, you can expect to learn a lot about the history of bourbon, both at those particular distilleries and in general. Even if you're not a huge bourbon drinker, learning how one beverage has affected society and humanity over the years can be really interesting.

The Art and Science of Bourbon Making

You don't necessarily need to drink a lot of bourbon, or even any bourbon, to appreciate the art and science of bourbon making. It's sort of like how you can appreciate the beauty of a painting without knowing how to paint yourself. On the typical bourbon tour, at least one distillery will give you a presentation and a demonstration showing how bourbon is made. You'll learn everything from how distillers select the grain to how they bottle the finished product. Even if bourbon is not your favorite drink, you can appreciate how much passion distillers have for their work and the many years of experience they can draw on.

Mixing Drinks With Bourbon

While many distilleries will simply have tour participants sample bourbon as it is, some may teach you how to mix drinks with bourbon. Or, they may offer samples of mixed bourbon drinks and give you some tips for mixing them. This can be really helpful information if you're not a bourbon drinker. It will teach you how to mix cocktails when you have bourbon drinkers visit your home.

Even if you're not a big bourbon drinker, give a bourbon tour a chance if you're in bourbon country. It's about more than drinking. It's about art, history, and science.