When you visit a new city, how do you find things to do? Maybe you search popular review sites, or perhaps you look at a tourist map. These are good ways to find things to do, but they tend to mainly take you to the most popular, most-visited sites. If you would like to see some sites that are off the beaten path, then you may want to use one of these other strategies to find options.

Check college recommendation pages.

Look for colleges in the area you'll be visiting. Then, visit their websites. Some college websites have a page where they list different things to do and places to go. Some of the popular attractions will almost certainly be listed here, but you'll often also see some lesser-known sites. This is a good place to find parks to visit, neighborhoods to walk, and smaller art galleries to browse. College recommendation lists often include free and low-cost activities too, which is nice if you are traveling on a budget.

Ask at a restaurant.

Go out to lunch or dinner in the city you're visiting and strike up a conversation with a server or bartender. They can generally recommend some less-obvious things to do, being that they live in the area. Servers and bartenders often know the local restaurant industry well, so they may be able to send you to some other unique restaurants or bars in the area. Since each employee is a unique person with unique interests, you may find yourself talking to an artist who can recommend art galleries or a sports enthusiast who sends you to an obscure sports museum.

Pick up maps at local businesses.

Stop by a few local businesses, such as banks, privately owned stores, and auto shops. Many of these smaller stores will have a section in the front where they keep brochures and flyers advertising things to do in the area. This is a great way to find smaller activities and places that may not be widely advertised online. You may even find out about a community fair or other small event in this way. Attending these small events is a good way to really get a feel for a new place and its culture.

Venturing off the beaten path can allow you to see and experience a new place more fully. Use the strategies above to find things to do in a new town.